Shillong : Scotland of the East

Shillong, the capital of a small state in north-east India called Meghalaya, attracts visitors who have a keen inclination towards God created beauty. It is also known as ‘Scotland of the East’ for its scenic landmarks resembling the beautiful land of Scotland. It is situated at an altitude of 4,980 ft (1496m) above sea level with ‘lum shyllong’ being the highest point at 1965m.

It derives its name from a peak of the same name but there are also legends associated with it. One such legend is that the name came from a young handsome boy called ‘Shyllong’ who was born under mysterious conditions to a virgin mother.

Shillong was established in mid 1800s by Colonel Henry Hopkinson as a refuge for officers and staff of East India Company during summers. It was made into a new civil station by British in 1864 and was also designated as the summer capital of Eastern Bengal and Assam for many years. Finally on January 21, 1972, Meghalya was declared a new state with Shillong as its capital.